The 4th ISMISS Asia-Japan combined with The 14th MISS Summit Forum


Call for Abstracts

The Conference with Presentations mainly using Videos about Surgical Techniques


  • This conference will be held by the way of “On-Demand Delivery System”. The participants can watch all presentations at any time on the conference web site in internet.
  • The period when the participants can watch the presentations at the web site will be a month of March 25(FRI) - April 24(SUN), 2022.
  • Login ID and Password are necessary to admit to the web site. And they will be issued for the participants who will have done the procedure of registration to enter the web site. The Board Members will be provided Login ID and Password without registration procedures.

Call for Presentations

  • We are looking for presentations on MISS and general treatment of spine diseases.
    We would be grateful if you could include a video of your surgery in your presentation, as this will be of great benefit to the participants.
  • We will contact you around December with instructions on how to submit your application.

The presentations are welcome, which include introductions to the products developed by the manufacturers.

“Which manufacturers do other doctors choose ?” ”What kind of instruments do they use to perform surgeries ?” Many doctors are interested in instruments and devices used by other doctors. As a new project on the conference, we would like you to make the presentations including introductions to the products of manufacturers recommended by you.

If you would like to make such presentation as the above.
Please write the names of manufacturer and surgical instrument in your abstract. Please mention the names of the manufacturers you recommend. If you give us the name of the manufacturer and the person in charge, we will contact them and suggest them submit a presentation including an introduction to their products.

If you would not like to do so.
Please submit your abstract as usual.

Way to make Videos

How to make a video is in preparation. 
(We will send it to you as soon as it is completed.)
The presentation time is 15 minutes. (Special lecture is 30 minutes.)
Please make data of voice and video by “Power Point” and video format should be “MP4”.


Please submit the documents as bellow.
1.Title of Presentation (in English) and Abstract (within 400 words in English)
3.Face Photo

Please send an email to〈

Video Submission

Please upload your file from ↓URL.

Deadline for submission

Please submit all date(abstracts, CVs, videos)by 16th Jan. 2022.


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