The 6th ISMISS combined with The 16th MISS Summit Forum


Abstract Submission

Call for Abstracts

We invite everyone interested to actively contribute to the program by presenting their research to an audience of medical experts through Oral and Poster Presentations.


The theme of the presentation is "My originality in surgery" and we would like you to use plenty of video in your presentation.

Presentation time

Board members:12 minutes for lecture,3 minutes for Q&A
Public participation:7 minutes for lecture, 3 minutes for Q&A

Important Dates

Online abstract submission closes
:January 31, 2024.

Guidelines for the preparation of the abstracts

How to submit

Abstracts should be sent by e-mail after registration.

Please also send the following together



All abstracts should be submitted and presented in English language.


The text body of the abstract should not exceed 300 words.


The abstract title should be brief and accurate. It must not exceed the limit of 25 words. Please do not use abbreviations (except those commonly used).


Any format is acceptable.
Abstracts should use the following structured format, if necessary.
・Objectives (or Aim)


No graph (table/diagram/picture) can be included in each abstract.

Notes on presentation

・PowerPoint 2021 is used at the venue. Older versions may cause behaviour problems.
・When presenting, it is often the case that videos in slides cannot be played. It is recommended to bring a separate video file, even if you embed the video in a slide.


Please register using the linked form.