The 12th MISS Summit Forum


Welcome Message

ごあいさつWe are very pleased to announce that The 12th MISS Summit Forum will be held for August 23rd to 24th, 2019 at "Aichi Spine Hospital" located at Inuyama City in Aichi, Japan. This congress aims to develop and diffuse the new technologies and techniques of Spine Surgery, especially The Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS), and we will discuss the most advanced MISS technologies with the spine specialists from all over the world.

And I am deeply grateful for all your supports that we have had the meeting every year. I would like to say “Thank you” again for your participation and cooperation for the last congress, The 2nd ISESS & The 2nd ISMISS Asia-Japan combined with The 11th MISS Summit Forum held on 2018.

This congress will be held for two days. On the first day, we will conduct many Live Surgeries (BESS for Stenosis, PE-LIF, PE-LLIF, New Ver. SELD etc.) to have participants observe the splendid surgical techniques. On the second day, we plan to have panel discussions about the Key Points of Endoscopic Surgeries (Discectomy, Stenosis Surgery, Fusion, FBSS, new surgeries, etc.) watching on videos. You would experience state of the art techniques of MISS in the world. As MISS instruments have been developed, the surgical technologies and techniques have been also improved. The leading MISS manufacturers will have booths to show their products and discuss about the improvements with the doctors. We will serve you all beneficial and fruitful time to exchange the newest information.

Inuyama City, the venue, has the national treasure “The Inuyama Castle” and the castle town where there are impressive streets with historical buildings. And “Ukai” will be being held at Kiso River near The Castle. I recommend you to visit them. I hope this forum would be much helpful for your achievement.

Chairman of the MISS Summit Forum
Fujio Ito, MD. PhD.
( President of Aichi Spine Hospital )